Bevans through the ages

Found some pics of the shop back in the day when……you really could get £5 worth of records free with your radiogram. This must be shortly after the shop opened in 1965, as the ‘BEVANS’ name isn’t yet there above the window. Have been trying to work out the Top Twenty board on the left hand side, but can only make out Petula Clark, Dusty Springfield and Roy Orbison currently.

This one about the same time, see in the browse boxes… …Beatles, Kinks, Shadows and Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Pat Boone and Madame Butterfly on the wall. And many more, too fuzzy for me to make out.

Jump forward to 1987. Pet Shop Boys, actually. Do they know it’s Christmas? Busy busy window and strange birdcage type thing going on outside.

And finally…

…July 2012. In April this year the Staffordshire Sentinel described stepping inside the ‘iconic Bevans music store’ as ‘an adventurous journey into the past’. It’s a pretty adventurous journey in the present too.


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