Poor old Ringo

Lovely story from David Rayner, remembering the very earliest days of Bevans…

“When I bought my first single in March, 1964, Theme for Young Lovers by The Shadows, I bought it from Bevan’s in Uttoxeter Road, Longton. I used to buy my records there until his Sound Centre opened in The Strand in either late 1965 or 1966. In fact, I still have a 1964 Bevan’s bag for singles that I’ve had since I bought A World Without Love by Peter and Gordon in the Uttoxeter Road shop in April, 1964. I still have that single in my collection over 48 years later.

Postcard of Ringo Starr, 1964I recall going into the Uttoxeter Road shop in July 1964, to buy the single A Hard Day’s Night by The Beatles. It was Number 1 at the time, and each customer who bought the single was given a free colour postcard of the Beatle of their choice. Well, you’ve guessed it, Ellis Bevan had completely run out of John, Paul and George postcards and was left with a stack of Ringo cards which nobody wanted. So he told me I could have Ringo or nothing. I took the Ringo postcard with my single and I still have both record and card to this day.

In the early 1970s, Ellis must have thought I was a good risk, because he let me buy a cassette tape recorder that cost about £24. He gave me a Bevan’s payment book and I paid for it at about £1 a week. I’ve still got that payment book somewhere. I also bought my first Darren Burn single in his Strand shop in July 1973, and I remember he had a big poster in the shop with the legend ‘Introducing Darren Burn’. I wish I’d asked him to save that poster for me, as I would have loved to have put it up on my bedroom wall.”

For more memories of record collecting in the 1960s see David’s first ever purchase, Theme for Young Lovers on flickr.

Thanks David


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