Vile Plumage at the Old Post Office

Whenever I begin to panic about buying Bevan’s and worry that I’m just a madman with a record shop, I remind myself that I have customers like Mike Walsh.  Mike is an under-thirty-something jazz drummer who knows the difference between bebop and hard bop, a distinction I didn’t get until I was 40.  Mike knows who Danny Thompson is, loves Art Blakey and is, to date, the only person who has commented on the display of Blue Note and Prestige covers in the shop.  While Mike’s musical knowledge ranges from Bach to Eric Satie, he also knew enough to guess that I hadn’t bought the Blazin’ Squad CDs that were out on the shelves.  He also appreciated (if not necessarily agreed with) my view that Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden is one of the most important albums made by any British group ever.

OK, I may be a madman with a record shop, but please get along to this event and support people like Mike, making new, innovative music in North Staffordshire. Find out more at

Friday 17 August at the Old Post Office, Burslem

Meanwhile, local acoustic outfit the Nanateas release their first album on vinyl in a few weeks time.  Sensible fellas.  As a man on the bus was overheard to say about vinyl, “hands down, the best use of fossil fuels…”

The album will be available in the shop as soon as it’s ready so watch this space for updates.  Meanwhile you can hear the Nanateas at



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