Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, Hometown Blues

Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee. Hometown Blues

Sonny and Brownie blowing a good ‘un.  Sonny wailing on the harp and Brownie giving what looks to me to be a Martin D18 a bloody good seeing to.  The expression on McGhee’s face in perfect twist with Terry’s reed bending harp. Makes you ‘wanna kick your Momma’ just to look at it…

And this really does look to be a hometown setting.  Clearly the two of them are sitting on a sofa, entertaining more than just themselves, otherwise, who is the little girl to the right of Terry?  Not just a bored kid at a wedding when the f**king Birdie Song comes on or One twa**ng Direction strut their stuff.  To be a child and having these guys as your casual musical accompaniment must have been a hell of a thing!  Also, love the white Dunlop thumb pick on McGhee’s right thumper.  Makes me feel like I belong too…

I’ve got a copy of this in the shop at 15 quid.  Get there quick or it’s going home with me…


4 thoughts on “Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, Hometown Blues

  1. My other half Hazel (who travels to Manchester on the same train as Liz ) told me to stop by and say hello. Sounds like my kind of place though I’m more used to buying records from boot sales and charity shops! You can see and hear some of purchases on my audio blog = We will have to take a trip over to Stoke one of these days and take a look through all that “hard to catagorise stuff”!

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