It’s bloody cold in the shop but I’m being kept cozy by the warm glow of nostalgia supplied by the hirsute men of the Electric Light Orchestra

I thought this would be a good time to add another excerpt from Retracing my Vinyl Footsteps.  Click the link to read Three Light Years

Just a note about Retracing my Vinyl Footsteps, nuns and ELO.  The extracts to be found here are pretty much unedited and are lifted out of a wider, rambling narrative which is clogging up my computer like hair in a plughole.  Tiny 12″ high nuns who have lived with me since I was five years old act as a Greek Chorus in the story which really begins with the Electric Light Orchestra.  So if some parts of Retracing my Vinyl Footsteps don’t seem to make sense, it’s because there’s a wider context.  You’ll just have to wait for the book…


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