Stuff the bankers

A chap came in today and was slightly indignant that he couldn’t pay on card.  I don’t take cards at the moment, it’s an additional expense that I can’t afford and I don’t want to pass on to customers.  Per se, I’m not agin ’em, I use debit cards all the time but I am very aware that there are people making a wad out of the exchange while sitting on their arse doing nowt.  My customer today didn’t mind paying cash but he did point out that the sign in the window saying that I accepted all manner of cards probably put me on the wrong side of the law, advertising something I didn’t actually offer.  I’m sure he’s right and I indicated the sign on top of the plectrum box…

IMGP3852I have to confess that I hadn’t considered the sign in the window, it was something I’d inherited but it’s now amended with a sticker that says ‘not here we don’t’ (accept these cards) on the window side and ‘stuff the bankers’ on the shop side.
I know it’s not that simple, but I’m pig sick of the financial services industry in general.  Just take a look at the FSA fines table for this year…

And they are only the bastards who were caught!

Incidentally, cuts to Arts Council funding amounted to £100m in 2010.  The £311,569,256 fine figure from the FSA above should tell us something about where the government should invest its resources if it really wants to win some money back for the tax payer.

In the words of the late great Ian Campbell:

‘I’m not sure how to change things, but by Christ we‘ll have to try’


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