Change of address…sort of

Bevans is now at 67, The Strand, Longton, North Staffordshire.  We have unilaterally seceded from the Unitary Authority known as Stoke on Trent.  (Thanks to David for his correction)


One thought on “Change of address…sort of

  1. Like the decision to secede ……but from Unitary Authority known as Stoke-on-Trent….the independent NEW federation of the six independent town- communities of The Potteries…

    The New Federation of the Six Pottery Towns .aka THE. ‘NEW’ POTTERIES….that’s the ‘Social invention’ that frees the mind from ‘waiting to be told’ to ‘let’s try this ourselves ……..As the All Fired Up ‘roadshow’ will be coming to. Gladstone in 2014….music, poetry, film, events and managing project jobs….perhaps Longton can get engaged but have its OWN ideas about how to engage with Longton as partner/ stakeholder and not as often ‘the local recipient’ of the partially pre determined project outcomes?… usual suspect frequently have usual interests and usual network underlying placements,and cultural ‘pop up’ job shops.

    have courage , the china and pottery is coming back, giftware, small designers, 3D printing product prototyping…..Longton has got the last tracts of Potteries streetscapes and though it is a bit sad and neglected it is still a great street scape , I think far more extensive and better than the grant sinking Burslem….but it’s always been one stop evidencing spend ans Burslem has been extended to Middleport, Longport and North Etruria Valley. Longton wants to annex King Street and Uttoxeter Road an Dresden.

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