Official Culture

Keen as ever to support local talent and creativity, please take a look at this manifesto from Official Culture…

Official Culture

Official Culture are a collective from Stoke and Bradford currently working as artistic associates at The New Bradford Playhouse. There are 3 of us in the collective, and we have been working together for about five years, mostly in University, but we only formed the collective officially in 2012.

We work in a variety of disciplines, including performance, installation, live art and intervention to discuss themes such as war, Spectacular Capitalism and Western consumption of information.

Inspired equally by Brecht and Debord, The Wooster Group and John Heartfield, we strive to question and interrogate our relationship with the world in which we live. Though we use a number of methods, mediums and disciplines, all of the work is grounded in a Marxist understanding of politics.

Much of the work which has been made by Official Culture has been presented in non-traditional, non-commercial spaces. We have invaded galleries, streets and offices; its work has been found in news stands and on buses. We have also made work in abandoned shop windows, dingy rooms and studio theatres.

If you would like to see more of our stuff sign up to our newsletter or of course buy a ticket:

Twitter: @OfficialCulture


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