Blue Note Missing Over Fifty Years Discovered



Selection: Bonus Track not included on the original vinyl – Brilliant Corners, in which Elvis vocalises the part of Sonny Rollins tenor.

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The record collecting community was today rocked by the announcement on a popular jazz collecting blog of the sensational discovery of a Blue Note title that has remained undiscovered for over fifty seven years. Collectors commonly assumed Blue Note BN 1553 to be an unissued catalogue number. It now appears that it was indeed allocated by Blue Note President Alfred Lion, to one of the most audacious projects ever attempted by the great Blue Note jazz label: the recording of tunes of Thelonious Monk by rising singing star Elvis Presley. Recently discharged from military service and not then knowing his future destiny, the young recording singing star accepted the challenge of vocalising the tunes of one of the founding fathers of the Bop movement, the…

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