Find Us

Monday – Wednesday 11am-5pm
Friday – Saturday 11am-5pm

Bevans Music
67 The Strand
North Staffordshire

tel: 01782 312 178

By train.  We’re a short walk up The Strand from Longton Station on the Crewe – Derby line.  Pick up a Wrights Pie and have a look around the market on the way.  If you show your ticket in the shop we’ll give you a 10% discount on records and CDs.

By bus.  Longton is well served by buses from Stoke and Hanley.  We’re a short walk from Longton Bus Station, so just ask a friendly local for directions.  Nip into Cresswells for those rawl plugs you need for putting up that shelf.

By car.  Longton is just off the A50 heading towards Uttoxetter.  There’s ample parking at Longton Exchange and next to the large multi-national supermarket where you might go if you need a tin of beans.  We’re a very short walk up The Strand from there.


2 thoughts on “Find Us

  1. Popped in on Saturday (20 Oct) on a visit to Soke and was so happy to see Bevan’s alive and well. I have lived in London for over a decade but I spent a lot of the 90’s buying bargain CD singles and retro vinyl in Bevans.
    Will pop in again next time I visit Stoke. The original fixtures are are joy to see and I really felt at home when I stepped in.
    I wish you every success.

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