We stock a great range of instruments and accessories for beginners and more advanced players including acoustic and electric guitars, ukuleles, banjos and harmonicas.  We have school recorders and professional recorders ranging from £11.99 to £699.99, as well as brass and wind instuments including saxophones, flutes and trumpets (please ring for availability).  We also have a wide range of accessories for all players from capos and strings for guitar players and uke spankers to valve oil, sax and clarinet reeds and cork grease for actual, proper musicians (you know who you are).  For the fixer-uppers we keep all sorts of bits and pieces for your guitar like nuts, bridges, pins and what-not, but if you’re not that that confident we’ll sort your instrument out for you.  If its a real wreck, we’ll appraise it and put you in touch with a good repairer or a scrap dealer, which ever is more appropriate.

Scroll down below to see what’s currently in stock.  If you can’t see what you’re looking for give us a ring on 01782 312 178

LAG T66 series acoustic guitars. Exceptional value for money guitars for beginners and more advanced players. The spruce tops and mahogany back and sides are accented by distinctive black and ivory binding. The necks are finished in French Satin for feel and comfort.

T66DLAG T66D £180.00 In stock

T66DCLAG T66DC cutaway £199.00 In stock

T66DCELAG T66DCE cutaway with pick-ups £270.00 In stock


Top: Mahogany, Back and Sides: Mahogany, Bindings: Black and Ivory, Finish: French satin / Dark Mahogany.

Neck: Mahogany / French Satin finish, Trussrod: 2 Way System, Fingerboard: Indonesian Rosewood, Frets: 20 / Silver-Nickel, Scale: 650mm – 25.60″.

Headstock: Mahogany,  Machine Heads: Die Cast / Satin Black,  Nut: Black Graphite / 43mm – 1.69″.

£220.00 In stock



LAG Stage Range begins with solid Red Cedar tops for a sweet, deep, and exacting tone. Natural, Black, and Brown Shadow finishes are highlighted by a deep gloss finish.

£299.99 In stock

Faith Guitars

FKNThe Spruce top and Mahogany body of each of the Faith Naked instruments is 100% solid tonewood in keeping with all other Faith series. However, the cosmetics and non-essential dressing has been stripped away, leaving the guitars in their natural, Naked state. Satin finished all over, the tonewood is almost entirely unrestricted in its resonant movement, so the tone delivered is far beyond what is normally expected at this price level.

Faith FKN £475.00 including fitted Faith hardcase

Hofner Guitars and Bases

HCTVTHSBBased on the original classic Hofner Verythin guitar body shape from 1960 with the body depth of only 1.25 inches. The Hofner Verythin was extremely popular with groups during the 1960s beat boom era. The Hofner Verythin CT not only captures that unique 60s sound but also has the ability to produce tones ranging from deep gutsy blues through to cutting distorted rock. At Hofner we achieve this by fitting a centre block in the body to produce more sustain, deeper tones and less feedback. The CT model is now fitted with striped position markers on the neck just like the original Hofner 1960s model. You’ll certainly stand out from the crowd playing a Hofner Verythin CT. It truly is a versatile guitar at a very affordable price. Finish: Sunburst or Transparent Red or Black. – Wood Top: Maple – Wood Back: Maple – Wood Sides: Maple – Centreblock: Spruce – Neck: Maple – Fingerboard: Rosewood – Scale: 24.7″/62.8cm – Nut Width: 44mm – Number Of Frets: 22 – Pickup Neck: Hofner Full Size Humbucker Nickel – Pickup Bridge: Hofner Full Size Humbucker Nickel

£559.00 In stock

HCTJ17NThe Hofner J17 cutaway archtop guitar is built using the skills and know how of over 80 years building archtop guitars. It echos those Hofner jazz archtop guitars of the 1950s renowned for their loud acoustic volume. This electro acoustic model has a cutaway allowing easier access to the top end of the fretboard for a greater range of musical styles. We’ve fitted it with a Hofner jazz pickup with volume and tone controls so that you can use this guitar acoustically or plugged in. Includes a Hofner H64/8 hard case. Finish: Natural or Sunburst – Wood Top: Arched Spruce – Wood Back: Arched Flame Maple – Wood Sides:Flame Maple – Centreblock: None – Neck: Flame Maple – Fingerboard: Ebony – Scale: 25.5″/64.8cm – Nut Width: 43mm – Number Of Frets: 20 – Pickup Neck: Hofner Floating Jazz Pick-up

£749.99 in fitted Hofner hardcase

HCT5001RThe best-selling 500/1 Contemporary version of the Hofner Violin Bass Guitar offers those wanting to own one of the World’s iconic guitars the chance to do so at a very attractive price. Recreating the style of the 1964 version, the Contemporary features a sustain block inside the body to give modern, deep-resonating bass sounds while still retaining the original Hofner Beatles bass sound. With a short scale of 30″ and the small violin bass body it is one of greatest electric bass guitars ever made. Left handed also available in Sunburst. – Wood Top: Spruce – Wood Back: Flame Maple – Wood Sides: Flame Maple – Centreblock: Spruce – Neck: Maple/Beech/Maple – Fingerboard: Rosewood Scale: 30″/76cm – Nut Width: 42mm – Number Of Frets: 22 – Pickup Neck: Hofner Staple Nickel – Pickup Bridge: Hofner Staple Nickel

£489.00 including Hofner gigbag and leather strap. In Stock

BMR700BandM Resonator. Bell Bass Body. Mahogany Neck. Rosewood Fingerboard. Single Cone Design. F-hole Shoulders. Nickel Machineheads

£499.00 In stock


bluesharp2The classic Blues Harp £30.99. Various keys in stock, please ring for availability

marinebanddeluxe2Marine Band Deluxe £47.99 Various keys in stock, please ring for availability

thunderbird2Low C Marine Thunderbird Marine Band £89.99 In stock, one only

crossharp2The bloody lovely Crossharp! £59.99 In stock in C.  Please ring for other keys

bigriverharp2The versatile, affordable Big River.  £22.99.  Various keys in stock, please ring for availability

goldenmelody2The original Golden Melody.  In stock in C.  Please ring for other keys

chrometta12-2Crometta 12.  Classic entry level Chromatic harmonica.  £84.99 In stock

larryadler12-2Larry Adler Professional Chromatic Harmonica £149.99 In stock, one only.


2 thoughts on “Instruments

  1. Hi Tom, remind me when we meet to tell you about the Lyons C clarinet – I met Graham Lyons, the musician, some time ago in Majorca and saw this clarinet in action. He developed it with the small hands of children in mind. Kaz

  2. We at The Full English. Traditional English music and song session, Packhorse , Longport are actively fostering instrument playing to our audience, bedroom musicians, we start by playing a tune through for the benefit of our starters…..based on tin whistle leading the tune followed by as many as will on tin whistle…if cant play tune then mine, low sound…But are participating as musician in the session…..then the band kick in.

    Tin whistle ideal start up instrument….we have lots who will do 15 minute instant tutorial on whistle, fiddle, strings, squeeze boxes…plenty of alcoves.

    Where to buy the good starter….the Generation brass or nickel..
    Spread. 60 %D ( plays in G). 20 % C 5% Eb, Bb, F, G

    And a tutor. And whistle start up kit…creates a relationship with
    Other musicians and a shop at can supply and stock tin whistles
    As a GENUINE instrument….plus cheap , quality tambourines as well.

    You stock…we direct….Longton has a train and bus station to access


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