Records and CDs to sell?

If you’ve got a collection to sell than we’d like to hear from you.  Either ring us or email with a list of your records and CDs and we’ll take it from there.  No collections are too big or small for us to consider and we’ll always give you a fair price

What we buy

We buy all kinds of records and CDs in all genres of music, rock and pop, blues, jazz, soul, funk, we’re even interested in oddball soundtracks and spoken word records.  We’re especially interested in:
American and British Jazz (Blue Note, Impulse, Prestige, Steam, Fontana)
Punk, New Wave, Mod revival
Prog and Psychedelic Rock
British and American Folk
Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Move, Faces etc
Ska and Reggae
90s and 00s Indie

However, we don’t buy anything and everything…


The condition of your records is an important factor in whether or not we’ll buy them and how much they’re worth.  For that reason we wont usually buy DJ collections for example

We use the Goldmine grading method for assessing the condition of records and CDs.  Click on the link for more details

So if you’ve got a lot of scratchy Phil Collins, Eagles and Bread LPs we’re probably not interested.  The same applies to Now That’s What I Call Music Volume 1to 634 and most other compilations, Andy Williams Christmas records, Perry Como, Englebert Humperdinck, Val Doonican and Jim Reeves.

Rare records

Records are not necessarily valuable just because they’re old.  Most 78’s are worthless.  What makes one copy of, for example Led Zeppelin II more valuable than another depends on many factors, including the pressing number (1st or 2nd pressing), which colour label was used, label miscredits and so on.  Most copies of Led Zep II sell for about a fiver but a very few are worth as much as £250 or more.  Some records are rare because in the late 1990’s a lot of LPs were only issued in fairly limited numbers because most people were switching to CDs, so again, age isn’t everything


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