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EThe Beatles, A Hard Day's Night, 1964, album coverver lost your ipod?  Or dropped it in the bath?  When did anyone give you a download for Christmas?  Select a record. Take a good long look at the cover.  Take it out of the sleeve and put that lovely shiny black disc on your turntable.  Hear the ‘doof’ as the needle hits the run-in groove and sit down to listen, I mean really listen to the music. Everyone loves vinyl.

There’s a reason people are getting into vinyl again and it’s not just nostalgia.  It feels better, The Mike Raven Blues Show, 1966, album coverit sounds better, it looks better, it even smells better.  And that’s because it’s there.  You own it.  You can show it off to your friends and share it with your lover.  You can lend it to your mate, sell it when you’re skint and give it away to someone who likes it more than you.  And you can weep when you realise you liked it after all and you can’t find another one anywhere.

Vinyl gets you closer to the Public Image Ltd, first issue, 1978, album covermusic, whatever the music.  There’s a direct connection between that Jimmy Page riff or that Coltrane solo and the minute bumps in the grooves of your record.  No other medium comes as close to putting your favorite artists in your living room.

I guarantee it, your foot taps more with vinyl. Come to Bevans and try it out. We’ve restored one of the original 1960s listening The Complete Gerry Mulligan meets Ben Webster, 1959, album coverbooths, so pick a disc and have a listen. We aim to stock a wide range of different music genres and will be displaying more stock on these pages over the coming weeks and months.


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